GAC FIAT production plant

Project Detail

GAC FIAT production plant uses blocking filters realized with three phase capacitors CRTE by ICAR



GAC FIAT Automobiles Co. Ltd. was established by Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd. and Fiat Group as equal partners. The company aims to produce automobiles and motors for automobiles, conduct research and development activity, and offer sales and post-sale services. The GAC Fiat factory is located in Changsha, in Hunan district, and occupies an area of about 700,000sm.

As is typical of large production site electric plants in the automotive sector, the Changsha factory is characterized by the presence of large sources of distortion such as rectifiers, inverters, activators, welding torches, and robots. The result is significant current distortion associated with a very low plant cos phi.

The need is to raise the cos phi level and eliminate the disturbances due to harmonics.


To obtain a strong and effective Power factor Correction (PFC) in time, the chosen solution is a PFC system with blocking reactors realized with ICAR CRTE three phase capacitors (more than 3000 units, each of 33.5kvar @ 480V).


With this solution, able to support without problems the stress provoked from the current harmonic distortion, the plant global cos phi has achieved an optimum value of 0.95 with a significant benefit of overall industrial plant efficiency.



Client Copper World
Location Argentina
Scope Of Work Installing Mining Camp
Schedule 2013