Nova Mosilana plant

Project Detail

The new regulator ICAR RPC 8BGA: a novel device with a great potential for languages!


The customer is the most important production site of the Marzotto group, which specializes in spun and woven wool products destined for the male clothing sector.

With a thousand people employed in the company and related satellite activities, Nova Mosilana is one of the most important participants in the Brno economy (Czech Republic).

The need is to re-phase the plant to avoid the penalties and assure a better production efficiency. In addition, because the installation of electric equipment and extraordinary maintenance are performed by Italian personnel, while the plant operations and the ordinary maintenance are done by Czech personnel, there is a need for a multi-language interface with graphic icons that are immediately understood.


ICAR has supplied 9 automatic Power factor Correction (PFC) units: 2 MULTImatic FD25 by 288kvar to 400V and 7 MULTImatic FD25 by 600kvar to 400V, for a total of about 4800kvar. These devices are realized with the strongest capacitors CRM25 in bimetallic paper and with detuning electric reactance at 180Hz. With these characteristics the FD25 equipment can function correctly in industrial plants with “heavy” work cycles, characterized by high current harmonic distortion.

The electronic regulator on these panels is the RPC 8BGA, which is a new design with power quality functions, display of 128×80 pixels with intuitive navigation thanks to graphic icons and contextual messages, and management of 10 different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Czech, German).


  • Avoid the penalties in invoice
  • Personnel of different languages can interact with the PFC system


LV Power Factor Correction



Client USA Government
Location Route66
Scope Of Work Reparing
Schedule 2008