Middle East oil plants

Project Detail

ICAR has supplied many of MT and BT APFC systems for one of the larger oil chemical plants in Middle East


Our customer is a large engineering firm that has won the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for one of the most important industrial locations in the Middle East. The need is for strong re-phasing equipment in low and high tension.


ICAR has supplied low tension Active Power factor Correction (APFC) systems (40 detuning automatic banks for a total of about 20Mvar to 400V) and medium tension ones (50 panels for a total of about 60Mvar subdivided between the medium tensions presented in the plant or 3kV and 10kV).

Medium tension banks have been realized with solutions of extreme strength as shown by the installation characteristics: IP55 enclosures for external and special painting for high ambient temperatures, with redundant forced ventilation and input disconnect switch of 40kA for 1s.

BT panels have been realized in versions for internal use with IP41 enclosures, advanced regulators with serial communication, and other details requested expressly by the customer specification, such as anti-condensation heater and adder TA.

The equipment has been sent with special packaging for the journey by sea and the storage period in a humid hot climate with a saline atmosphere.


  • Strong solution suitable for very hot ambient temperatures
  • Local service through ICAR authorized distributor