First skyscraper in Turin

Project Detail

The first skyscraper in Turin: realized with vanguard technologies and in-phase plugs that correct the cos phi.


The Intesa San Paolo skyscraper will be the banking group’s head office and will rise in Turin in the Cit turin neighborhood. The building was designed by Renzo Piano and includes the most modern technologies. The tower is realized in accordance with the bio-architecture principles with technological solutions able to reduce energy consumption by one third.

Among the design choices made to reduce the building electric plant energetic impact, particular attention has been paid to the re-phasing plant in terms of both quantity and performance.


ICAR has supplied 8 automatic Power factor Correction (PFC) systems, for a total of 4100kvar: 4 MULTImatic HP20 by 360kvar and 4 MULTImatic HP20/S by 665kvar. The HP20/S banks are equipped with electronic inserters to guarantee a quick and accurate correction of the power factor. All banks are driven by RPC 8BGA regulators that are able to control all basic electric parameters (current, tension, power factor, energy, power) and the main characteristics of current and tension power quality (THD, harmonic spectrum, wave form visualization). Its Help functionality for maintenance and its telecommunication capabilities (possibility of net connection via Ethernet or serial RS485 or with modem GSM/GPRS; webserver function; SMS function or email on event or with scheduled frequency) make it an effective and modern instrument suitable for use in remote facility management services.


  • Energy cost reduction in terms of penalties in invoice elimination for excess of reactive energy and in terms of dissipated energy reduction for Joule effect
  • Energy quality improvement




Client Wallmart
Location Washington
Scope Of Work Engineering, Structure
Schedule 2009-2011
Architect Wallmart Architect Team