Costanera Center in Santiago

Project Detail

ICAR PFCs in Costanera Center in Santiago, Chile: the project with the highest skyscraper in South America!


Costanera Center, located in the central business district of Santiago, Chile, has been designed in accordance with “neo-urbanism” concepts: technologies focused on energy efficiency to reduce the impact on the energy infrastructure of the city, park spaces and access streets designed to reduce vehicular traffic, and cutting-edge informatics infrastructure equipment.

Among the design choices made to reduce the building electric plant energy impact, particular attention was paid to the re-phasing plant.


ICAR supplied for the Costanera Center 23 automatic Power factor Correction systems MULTImatic FH20 with power values between 640kvar and 180kvar, for a total of nearly 11 Mvar. This large reactive power installation will allow to the Costanera Center to have a cos phi major of 0.9, greatly improving energy efficiency. The FH20 equipment was produced with 3Ut capacitors in metallic polypropylene with high gradientand includes harmonic blocking inductances, for a block frequency of 180Hz. The service needs are characterized by the strong presence of non-traditional lighting devices, office machines (computers, printers, faxes), while the directional centers, offices, restaurants, and other parts of the large complex are characterized by a current absorption with high harmonic content, which could lead to problems when re-phasing machines use only capacitors. The FH20 equipment guarantees a correct Power factor Correction in the presence of considerably distorted currents with harmonic content, and thanks to the information supplied by the regulators in the RPC 8BSA microprocessor, allows the cos phi condition to be controlled with continuity.


  • Correct functioning of the equipment thanks to the filter for the harmonic currents
  • Overall energy efficiency improvement



Client GoodLayers
Location Paris
Scope Of Work Building, Construction
Schedule 2012-2013
Architect John Doe