Big Data Center

Project Detail


With a turnover of more than 20 billion euro in revenue and about 33 thousand employees, OMV is the largest Austrian industrial company. It has 21 extraction and production petrochemical plants, scattered on four continents, and an extensive system of fuel distributors between the Black Forest and the Black Sea. OMV stands out for its use of cutting-edge technologies in all production phases.

At the OMV head office in Vienna the new data processing center represents the heart of the company’s management system. It must guarantee the maximum continuity and service reliability of the installed systems.


For the stabilization of all computer equipment and electric plants in the building, ICAR group has designed and produced a special stabilizer with a power of 2000kVA, able to supply a stabilized power of 400V ±0.5% against an input tension of 400V±15%. The equipment is a mono block of 13 tons that in addition to its power and dimensions has the following features requested by OMV technicians:

  • Two insulation transformers of 1250kVA in input. This installation permits maximum continuity for equipment service.
  • Overtension dischargers in input and output, with the aim to avoid damage to the stabilizer and/or its loads in case of temporary phenomena such as those related to lighting.
  • Filters against disturbances occurring at high frequency, to avoid these types of problems to the loads. EMI filters installed are ICAR products: a magnetic thermal switch of 4000A in input for protection in case of short circuits and/or overloads.


Maximum safety and reliability in data management