Cultural Center in Lugano

Project Detail

The Power Quality in a plant with many nonlinear users: LAC Lugano Art and Cultural Center.


The electric system of a modern structure such as the new LAC Lugano Art and Cultural Center is characterized by the prevalence of nonlinear loads: the special internal and external lighting systems that typically are “not with filament” type, and the electric and electronic equipment (audio systems) presented in the system.

All nonlinear loads, which produce a current of high harmonic content with possible neutral conductor overloading that can result from a strong third harmonic. The heavy current distortion can be tension distortion, which penalizes the more sensitive equipment. The need is to guarantee the perfect power quality of LAC electric system.


ACTIVEmatic FA30

To avoid tension distortions, three active filters ICAR ACTIVEmatic FA30 have been installed: two ACTIVEmatic FA34 of 100A (able to compensate a three phase net with neutral) units and an ACTIVEmatic FA33 of 100A (able to compensate a three phase net without neutral) unit.

ICAR ACTIVEmatic equipment can compensate for current harmonics up to 49th order, as well as counter unbalanced loads and compensate the reactive energy of ultrasensitive loads.

ICAR’s contribution also includes4 Automatic Power Factor Correction (PFC) systems MULTImatic and MINImatic FH20 for a total of over 1000kvar. In a system equipped with active filters, the PFC systems must be necessarily include barrier inductances to avoid problems of mutual influence.


System reliability for nonlinear users who require maximum power quality, as at Lugano LAC

Safety without increased cost: PFC system has been chosen on the basis of the installed power

Easy and quick maintenance: racks easily removable for the management and maintenance




Client Jacky Chan
Location LA
Scope Of Work Building, Engineering
Schedule 2012
Architect David Jones