Harmonic blocking reactors

The growing use of power electronic devices is causing an increasing level of harmonic distortion in the electrical systems, which frequently leads to problems with capacitor installations. This is the reason why energy suppliers and actual conditions require the usage of harmonic blocking reactors.

A detuned capacitor system works out the function of power factor correction whilst preventing any amplification of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between capacitor and inductance impedances of the electrical system.

By adding an appropriately rated series reactor to the power capacitor, both elements form a low-pass resonant circuit (usually below the 5th) which prevents higher order harmonics to flow into capacitors.

ICAR harmonic blocking reactors are made of high-class transformer sheets and aluminiun or copper coils.

They are fully manufactured at our premises, dried and impregnated in a vacuum with environmentally-friendly, low-styrole resin which ensures high voltage withstand, low noise levels, and enjoys a long operating life.

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