MICROmatic TC10

MICROmatic TC10


  • Zink-passivated metallic enclosure painted with epossidic dust paint, colour RAL 7035.
  • Auxiliary transformer to separate power and auxiliary circuit parts (110V).
  • Load-break switch with door interlock designed at 1,495In as per IEC 60831-1 art.34.
  • Contactors with damping resistors to limit capacitors’ inrush current.
  • N07V-K self-extinguish cable according to IEC 20/22/II and IEC 50621-2-1 standards.
  • Microprocessor Power Factor Correction relay.
  • Single phase self-healing bimetallized paper capacitors with Un=400V rated voltage.


Standards (capacitors) CEI EN 60831-1/2, Standards (banks) CEI EN 61439-1/2, CEI EN 61921


Ue: 400V
Un: 400V
UMAX: 440V
f: 50 Hz
THDIR%: ≤27%
THDIC%: ≤85%