LV Fix Power Factor Correction Systems

Fix power factor correction is used typically for wattless equipment, and characterized by a constant reactive power requirement. In these cases, power factor is corrected locally, with a suitably sized fixed phase plug and installed in the user’s proximity. Typical cases are the power factor correction of asynchronous motors and of load losses of the MV / LV transformers.

Icar offers the following fix power factor correction solutions:

  • SUPERriphaso (power factor correction modular plastic case)
  • CRTE (three-phase cylindrical capacitors)
  • Microfix (metallic case with switch and fuses)

In case of demand for fix high power factor correction (> 50kvar) or with special characteristics, ICAR realizes customized solutions


Standard fix power factor correction
Capacitor technologyProduct familyNominal valuesSUPERriphaso 5÷50kvarMICROfix 5÷50kvar
High energy density polypropyleneHP10THDIR% = 12%
THDIC% = 50%
UN = 415V
High energy density polypropyleneHP20THDIR% = 20%
THDIC% = 70%
UN = 460V
High energy density polypropyleneHP30THDIR% = 27%
THDIC% = 85%
UN = 550V
Polypropylene vacuum impregnatedVP10THDIR% = 27%
THDIC% = 85%
UN = 400V
Polypropylene vacuum impregnatedVP20THDIR% = 27%
THDIC% = 90%
UN = 460V
Fix power factor correction with blocking reactors
Capacitor technologyProduct familyNominal valuesMICROfix 11÷75kvar
 High energy density
FH20THDIR% < 100%
THDVR% < 6%
UN = 550V

fD = 180Hz (n=3,6)
Polypropylene vacuum
FV25THDIR% < 100%
THDVR% < 6%
UN = 460V

fD = 180Hz (n=3,6)