Icar DRY Capacitors

resin filler

DRY TYPE Capacitors

Starting from 1 January 2018 ICAR Power Factor Correction mpp capacitors will be entirely produced with DRY technology, with resin filler. This way, DRY type CRM capacitors and ICAR Automatic Capacitor Banks, will meet the requirements of latest specifications that demand “dry” or “non-oil” capacitors.
Electrical performances and Mechanical features remain unchanged, but enriched with an environmental friendly enhancement.

What’s better?

The filler main purpose is to protect metallized polypropylene coil from the external agents and also to improve the performance of the capacitor in terms of:

  • insulation of the active part to ground
  • heat dissipation generated inside the can while the capacitor is operating

Ground insulation

The filling material, being responsible of ground insulation, must have an excellent dielectric strength. Oil and resin provide much better dielectric strength (10kV / mm) than nitrogen, which has the same dielectric strength of air (3 kV / mm), being its major component (78%).

Heat dissipation

The better the thermal conductivity of the filler, the more heat will be dissipated, optimizing capacitor’s life expectancy.

The thermal conductivity of oil and resin is much higher than nitrogen one, garanting an excellent dissipation of the heat generated while the capacitor is operating. The risk of overheating is therefore reduced to the minimum, in order to obtain the maximum  capacitor life span.