Electronic Fast Switches


Harmonic blocking reactors The growing use of power electronic devices is causing an increasing level of harmonic distortion in the electrical systems,…

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EUROrack system is ideal solution for OEM and switchgears manufacturers, they are indeed suitable to the most common switchgears sizes, in addition:…

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The intelligent element


The reactive power regulator is, together with the capacitors and reactors (in detuned filter cabinets), the key component of the automatic power factor correction system. It is in fact the “intelligent” element, responsible for the verification of the power factor of the load, in function of which controls the switching on and off of the capacitors batteries in order to maintain the power factor of the system beyond the target.

The reactive power regulators RPC are designed to provide the desired power factor while minimizing the wearing on the banks of capacitors, accurate and reliable in measuring and control functions are simple and intuitive in installation and consultation.

The flexibility of the regulators allows you to modify all the parameters to customize its operation to fit the actual characteristics of the system to be corrected (threshold power factor, sensitivity of step switching, reconnecting time of the steps, presence of photovoltaics, etc.).

They also offer Power Quality functionalities: current and voltage THD, with detail of the single harmonic.

LV Capacitors


The power factor correction system main component is capacitor on board: it is therefore important to choose it solid and of good quality. In our power factor correction systems we only use high quality capacitors.

The capacitors used are divided into two different types, which lead to electrical and thermal performance completely different.