Active Filters

Active Filters


Loads operated by electronic devices are increasingly adopted in more and more industrial and commercial applications such as: Variable Speed Drives, rectifiers, UPS systems, DC power supplies, welding machines, computers, TV, energy efficient lamps, photocopiers. These loads generate waveform distortions that become threat for network components. In particular voltage and current harmonics, where the latter is the more dangerous, generate a series of problems, like:

  • Cable overheating.
  • Undue tripping of circuit breakers.
  • Blowing of fuses.
  • Capacitor overloading and network resonance.
  • Neutral cable overload.
  • Transformer premature ageing.
  • Electronic appliances disturbance.

The effective remedy for harmonics are active filters.

ACTIVEmatic FA40 ACTIVE HARMONIC FILTER combine a high level of efficiency with flexibility of installation.

  • Harmonic compensation up to 50th harmonic,individually selectable.
  • Modular system extendable (from 60A to 600A) permits low life cycle costs and low losses.
  • Easy installation & commissioning, touch screen interface with installation assistant.
  • Highest performance: reaction time < 21μs, very fast steady state time < 300 μs.
  • Less power dissipation due to 3 level NPC topology: low loss < 15 W att / Amp.
  • Flicker compensation.

ACTIVEmatic FA40 is available also for three-phase without neutral (FA43) and three-phase with neutral (FA44) wall and cabinet version.


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