The company

Our history, our present

For seventy years

ICAR is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical capacitors and systems in low and medium voltage. Established in 1946, it bases its reputation on 70 years of experience in research, design, development and production of high-performance capacitors, an area where we still maintain an undisputed leadership.

Always at the forefront

First company in the world, ICAR started developing capacitors in metallized polypropylene at the beginning of the 60s. Furthermore, from the beginning we also realized the importance of developing our own metallization systems in order to control the production process from the polypropylene film right to the completed capacitor and systems.

In Italy and in the world

The 6 plants located throughout Europe, which are strongly integrated at a vertical level, allow us (something which is rather rare throughout the world) to directly control the entire production process of polypropylene capacitors: from raw material to finished product.


ICAR was established by Ettore Conti. The building of the new factory, still ICAR headquarter. is designed by the famous architect Piero Portaluppi


ICAR starts producing smoothing capacitors for high voltage dc systems. Such devices are used on the transmission lines of RAI (Italian National Broadcaster) and on those of other foreign broadcasters.


Production of the first LV Power Factor Correction capacitor using the "paper&oil" technology.


The production of special capacitors takes off: ICAR soon becomes one of NATO's leading suppliers. First production of power electronics capacitors for electric traction and other applications with ac/dc conversion.


First production of "Impulse formation lines". Such applications, with special capacitors, are used for radars, synchrotrons (CERN Geneva, CESI Milan, CNEN Rome) and other applications requiring strong energetic impulses.


The production of film foil technology capacitors for MV Power Factor Correction systems begins.


Production of CVTs begins. Hundreds of CVTs for networks up to 420kV will be manufactured.


The company starts producing capacitors for household electrical appliances.


ICAR is the first manufacturer in the world to produce metallized polypropylene film capacitors. Polypropylene wound capacitors are nowadays the global standard for LV electrotechnical applications. Leading companies in the world are officially licensed by ICAR to build polypropylene capacitors.


ICAR provides ENEL with a 1 million Volt CVT for Suvereto experimental transmission line.


Studies on slope metallisation for polypropylene film take off. This new technique enables to remarkably increase capacitance, and hence energy per unit volume, stored by capacitors.


Acquisition of ORTEA, a company specialized in the production of voltage stabilisers. Acquisition of Kopafilm Gmbh, a company specialized in the production of polypropylene film for capacitors. ICAR becomes one of the few company worldwide to produce finished capacitors starting from raw material.


"Export" turnover exceeds "domestic" turnover for the first time.


New opening of motors and lighting capacitors production plant ICAR Romcap


Power Quality Mission: Icar Group integrates low voltage Power Factor Correction in Ortea SpA

Our founder

ICAR founder was Ettore Conti, Earl of Verampio, an outstanding figure on Italy's 20th century business and political scene. A pioneer in the field of electrical applications and in the exploitation of hydraulic force in his country, he founded and presided over several  leading electric power companies and finance corporations based in Milan throughout the first half of the 1900s.

Our values

Respect for our customers and interlocutors
Timeliness and integrity
Products and service quality
Product and process technical innovation
Social and ecological responsibility
Employees satisfaction

Our offer

ICAR offers a full range of capacitors and systems for power factor correction, motors and lighting capacitors, DC and AC capacitors for power electronics applications, voltage stabilizers and active filters. We produce metallized polypropylene capacitors with high gradient and we are among the few manufacturers in the world able to offer capacitors made with the robust technology "paper and oil." We have also consolidated know-how in energy storage and rapid discharge capacitors. We produce in our plants Power factor Correction banks and systems in LV and MV.

Our know-how

Research and development



Research and development

ICAR is a leader in designing and manufacturing metallised polypropylene film and  metallised paper capacitors for electrical use.  
ICAR’s R&D department is endowed with comprehensive product knowledge concerning the dielectric material employed, the metallization, the electrical, thermal and mechanical design thanks to a full vertical integration of all capacitor production stages.
Our technicians can also tune the intermediate processing stages the end product must undergo to reach the level of performance, quality and reliability required by our customers.
ICAR’s R&D department adds outstanding skills when it comes to testing the outcome of design, development and production stages.
As a matter of fact, ICAR can fully develop exclusive capacitor automated testing equipment, compliant with current regulations and/or with specific “custom” tests agreed with the customers.
Also LV power factor correction systems and LV voltage stabilisers are designed and developed by in-house specialised technical teams.


ICAR testing laboratories are able to test products according to the main products standard and /or customer specifications.
The laboratories are located in production plants in order to have an immediate feedback on the production and technical expertise specialized by type of production.
The indoor testing laboratories are arranged over more than 1000 sqm. Monza premises host a facility exceeding 600 sq m of such surface.

In detail, the testing laboratory at Monza site is IMQ certified according to EN ISO IEC 17025 standard, 2005 edition. 


Tests are performed according to main product standards:

• EN60871 (HV static power factor correction capacitors)
• EN60252 (Motor run capacitors)
• EN60831 ((LV static self-healing power factor correction capacitors)
• EN61048 -EN61049 (capacitors for fluorescent lighting and similar applications)
• EN61071 (Capacitors for power electronics)
• EN61881 (Rolling stock equipment – capacitors for power electronics)

Performed tests include:

• AC 50Hz voltage tests up to 350kV;
• DC voltage tests up to 250kV;
• AC / DC endurance tests with test temperature from -50°C to 110 °C;
• Short-circuit tests;
• Measurement of inductance and internal series resistance;
• Capacitance and tan δ measurement with frequencies up to 100kHz;
• Tests with predefined impulsive currents;
• Thermal tests with traditional thermal recording and/or thermal imaging recording;
impulse tests: 3/15kV and up to 250kV;
• High frequency tests up to 100kHz;
• Thermal cycles from -50°C to +110°C with humidity up to 95%.